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Venture Nashville Features DASH

From the Venture Nashville blog, a business news service published by Milt Capps, highlighting new technology enterprises and investment opportunities in the Nashville area.

February 5, 2018 by Milt Capps, Venture Nashville

NASHVILLE Lawtech specialist Larry Bridgesmith JD doesn't just casually sketch-out a "gameplan" when talk turns to startup Legal Alignment and its proprietary DASH legal project management software.

Instead, in tones that might be a blend of barrister and professor, the company's co-founder and CEO brings to the discussion the thoroughness of a trained advocate and the forward-leaning drive of an entrepreneur.

That'll come in handy, given that the serial entrepreneur, his team and their advisors seek nothing less than to carve-out a piece of the white-hot Lawtech market. They are within weeks of their formal market entry and recently began the first of a series of three capital raises.

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