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Blockchain in Law: Second Annual AI in Law Conference at Vanderbilt Law School

by Larry Bridgesmith, JD | CEO of Legal Alignment

You may not have heard of blockchain. You may equate the word with Bitcoin. If you would like to know more about blockchain, check out Cat Moon’s posts in the ABA Technology in Law Today newsletter. Cat wrote two excellent primers on how blockchain works and how it will impact the work lawyers do. Part I explains the basics of blockchain and Part II describes how this technology will affect business clients and the services lawyers provide them.

Suffice it to say, change is coming.

The only question is how fast. Gartner placed blockchain at the peak of the technology hype cycle last year. To a great degree, that is probably accurate.

However, much progress is being made in blockchain applications in many industry sectors.

FinTech is dedicating millions of dollars to create use cases and explore how blockchain is both a terminal challenge to the global finance industry and how to capitalize on the proliferation of private currencies like BitCoin.

Nashville considers itself the home of healthcare. This is an industry badly in need of efficiency and cost management solutions to improve patient outcomes and reduce the price of a sector of our national economy which is out of control. Nashville’s Center for Medical Interoperability has convened most of the major providers and payers of healthcare to solve the problem of medical technologies that do not play well with each other. This technology defect alone results in hundreds of patient deaths daily. Blockchain may provide a link to solving this problem.

For these reasons and many more, Vanderbilt Law School’s second annual AI in Law conference will focus solely on blockchain and how law will both impact and be impacted by this burgeoning technology advance:

Make your plans now to join us in Nashville on April 7 to meet and interact with many leaders who are making applications of blockchain to legal processes.

Due to its natural bounty of flowering vegetation, Nashville in the Spring is one of the most beautiful places on earth. This group of thought leaders and practitioners will provide fertile soil for lawyers, engineers, developers and entrepreneurs to explore the challenges and opportunities of blockchain. There probably will be at least a few seed investors in the crowd as well. Come help us let blockchain bloom.

Using a format similar to that deployed by TED, we will host 20 or more presentations in a rapid fire fashion with significant opportunities to network with each other and meet with the speakers.

Among the presenters already committed to attend include Peter Hunn and Houman Shadab founders of One of the most publicized “dynamic contracts” was created by Clause using blockchain, the internet of things and artificial intelligence to expedite and lessen the cost of sale of a shipment of cotton by a Texas seller to a Chinese buyer.

Likewise, great work is being done by to bring blockchain to legal applications including “smart contracts”. Casey Kuhlman, Monax CEO (and Vanderbilt Law alum), and Nina Kilbride, Monax Chief Legal Engineer, are planning to join us. Nina will be presenting a mock trial argument of a vital blockchain issue to demonstrate how blockchain development without attention to the legalities of commerce can backfire in the absence of knowledgeable legal counsel.

Many other presenters have already committed to attend. We anticipate more will want to as the time approaches. Represented countries from which speakers are coming include Australia, Scotland, New Zealand, England and across the U.S. and Canada. Business and university representatives planning to present include IBM, M.I.T., Vanderbilt and others.

Just as it has led in the business of healthcare, Nashville has also set out to become the blockchain capital of the world. A strong band of local technology experts and lawyers will be in the queue as well.

For those interested, the conference will be followed that evening and on April 8 with a legal hackathon and unconference dedicated to applying technology solutions to legal needs. For more information see Those who register for the conference are invited to stay for the legal hackathon and unconference to follow at no additional cost.

A global gathering of blockchain and legal experts of this nature has not convened in the U.S. before.

The venue is limited to 300 seats. Please don’t hesitate to reserve yours and register now at

You will be welcomed warmly by the unique Nashville brand of Southern hospitality.

We hope to see you in April.

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