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    LPM Training and Certification

    Managed Services


    LPM Alignment, a division of Legal Alignment, is the sole U.S. provider for the only internationally-recognized LPM training with certification issued by the International Institute for Legal Project Management (IILPM). LPM Alignment offers four levels of training, two of which can qualify legal professionals for certification as a Legal Project Associate (LPA) or Legal Project Practitioner (LPP).


    Please visit LPM Alignment to learn more about workshop schedules, custom LPM training options, and LPA and LPP certification.


    Larry Bridgesmith and Cat Moon both are certified Legal Project Practitioners and serve on the Advisory Council to the IILPM.



    Legal Alignment also serves as a managed service provider (MSP), providing legal project management implementation services to in-house legal departments, law firms, and individual attorneys. We also and handle core IT and deployment functions for clients utilizing DASH, our LPM platform and interoperability dashboard.


    Our LPM implementation team provides guidance, assistance, and project management services to law firms and legal departments deploying LPM, lean and agile practices in their workplaces. Our MSP technical team collaborates with internal IT to seamlessly integrate DASH into existing infrastructures to create a single dashboard for managing all technology supporting legal work.


    Our MSP change management and deployment teams work across organizations to ensure the flawless adoption of LPM (whether or not supported by DASH) at every level. We complement existing internal staff to achieve the most efficient and effective implementation of LPM (and integration of DASH), from creation of project and process templates to full customization of interoperable DASHboards. For more information about Legal Alignment's managed services, please contact CEO Larry Bridgesmith at larry@legalalignment.com.

  • Our Leadership Team

    Larry Bridgesmith, JD LPP

    Co-Founder and CEO

    The mastermind behind DASH, Larry has over 30 years in the practice of employment and labor law. This experience grew into legal services consultation and training in effective and efficient project and change management within law firms and legal departments. A noted speaker at legal industry events, Larry also serves as an Adjunct Professor and Coordinator of the Program on Law & Innovation at the Vanderbilt Law School, and leads the Music City Legal Hackers, a Vanderbilt Law School initiative.

    Larry believes in giving lawyers their lives back. By bringing Lean, Agile and Legal Project Management to the practice of law, the lawyer/client relationship can return to a trusted and collaborative relationship. By practicing law "better, faster and cheaper" clients can grow comfortable with legal matter price certainty and lawyers can enjoy greater profitability through efficiency, rather than waste. Access to Justice is more than "free legal advice". DASH brings all these ideals together to provide value to lawyers and clients alike.

    Tony Threatt, Ph.D.

    VP of Product

    Tony has over 17 years of design experience in architecture and product design. Tony holds a Ph.D. in human-centered product design and has led a variety of healthcare mobile teams to develop a patient portal, a schedule and messaging app, and a task management and employee engagement app. Tony is passionate about human-centered design and believes in the power of small, dedicated teams to deliver innovative solutions. Tony also co-facilitates Caffy Hour, a design thinking meet-up in Nashville, each month.


    As the VP of Product, Tony will work with the technical team to translate user and business needs into design requirements helping to make DASH as lawyer-centered as possible.

    Adel ElMessiry, Ph.D.

    Chief Technology Advisor

    Adel has over 20 years of experience managing complex technical projects and teams, having successfully co-founded and exited two healthcare startups. Not only does Adel speak six languages, he also possesses an atypical and impressive capacity to communicate highly technical concepts to the non-technical mind.


    Adel brings his significant technical and management skills and startup experience to Legal Alignment's development team, and his vision is the driving force behind the technical brilliance of the DASH platform.


    Adel holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.

    Clay Hobbs, CPA

    Business Advisor

    Clay has over 25 years of executive, financial, and business leadership experience. He has held CFO roles in several large multinational firms and startups. He has led organizations in real estate, building products, healthcare technology, and tire industries. While employed at General Electric, Clay graduated from GE’s John F Welch Leadership Development Program.


    As a Legal Alignment Business Advisor, Clay provides strategic counsel in finance, investment, and operations strategies resulting from his remarkably successful executive career.

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